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Unformatted text preview: , the father and daughter communicate openly while Sam Sing in The Gold Mountain Coat seems to create angst between his two sons, causing them to “[discuss] the purchase of a second coat from every angle.” Furthermore, the daughter in Wordsmith “[calls her] father the Pollyfilla king” (1-2) and “[watches] with something akin to awe.” (3) On the other hand, Ken and John are sometimes “coated with resentment” (14) for their father, Sam Sing. Altogether, both Sam Sing in The Gold Mountain Coat and the father in Wordsmith show signs of healthy and strong relationships with their respective children. Still, the connection between the father and daughter in Wordsmith is free, natural, and stress–free while the bond between Sam Sing and his sons is more strict, restricted, and occasionally causes discontent to form between the two sons. The examples in these two works show that relationships between parents and their children are the strongest when the former attempts to communicate freely and sincerely to the children. Colin Wang WRIT 039–303 Ashley Chang Baseline Document Outline Opening Premises : 1. When parents have a healthy relationship with their children, the family will be able to live freely. 2. Unfortunately, some cultures believe that success is nurtured by intimidation and pres- sure. Paraphrased Proposition: (Because) The father in Wordsmith displays more characteristics needed for a loving, smoothly functioning family than Sam Sing does in The Gold Mountain Coat . Reason 1: (For Example) The father in Wordsmith not only shows meticulous care for his daugh- ter, but also seems so sincerely passionate in providing his daughter with a successful future. Useful, Persuasive Evidence 1: The father–daughter relationship is very free, natural, stress–free, and transparent. Reason 2: (For Example) Sam Sing in The Gold Mountain Coat is a very strict father who uses intimidation and fear instead of outward and passionate love to motivate his two sons. Useful, Familiar Evidence 2: As a result, his sons are constantly kept a certain emotional distance from their dad because of the barrier of fear and intimidation that Sam Sing creates, leading to frequent confrontation and unrest within the family. Counterargument 1: (However) It is true that Sam Sing clearly wants the best for his two sons and does truly love them. Useful, Clarify Evidence 1: Sam Sing works extremely hard despite being in his seventies in order to make enough money for his two sons and to make life as good as possible for the future generations in his family....
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In the text “Wordsmith” by Susan Young and the text “The Gold Mountain Coat” by Judy Fong-Bates, two diametrically opposite father who silently expend time and effort on educating and helping their own children is vividly depicted throughout the text. Both “Wordsmith” and “The Gold Mountain Coat” contrast the relationships both fathers have with their children; however, the father in “Wordsmith” makes a better role model for his children. Both fathers have troubles communicating with their children in conventional ways. In the text “Wordsmith,” the father who has one daughter is a quiet man and he is not comfortable expressing his love verbally, he does not know “how to say” the words to his daughter. However, the he shows his respect and love for his daughter in a simple and direct way: He helps his daughter to repair her house in person and “over and over again” Although he has few words to prove his love, he works hard and shows his love with actions. Unlike him, Sam Sing, the father in “TGMC,” seems

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