Illegal Immigration Essays Against Affirmative Action

I know that hate has to be taught, either academically, as in parents propagandizing their children from birth, or from experience, as in individuals having repeated bad interactions with people of other groups. That said, I *still* have difficulty understanding the animosity towards white people and white men in particular. Almost everything that we enjoy in life was invented by a white man. We’re all alive because of diseases cured and vaccines & antibiotics, water treatment & sewage systems invented by white men. Most people don’t understand the role that the invention of cheap, mass-producible, washable underwear had in reducing disease transmission and increasing average lifespans.

The Green Revolution, which was overwhelmingly due to just one white man, Norman Borlaug, is credited with saving one-billion nonwhite lives. Jonas Salk refused to patent the polio vaccine because he wanted it to be freely available to the world.

As a simple statement of fact only white people have done something comparable to creating four new nations in the space of a century that would become modern, functioning republics based on the rule of law; America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and a nod to the Republic of Texas. No other group has done anything remotely comparable since the beginning of the Enlightenment. I know that some minorities and ethno-masochistic whites are downright gleeful at the prospect of white people becoming an ever decreasing percentage of the U.S. population. How on Earth and based on what, exactly, do they think that that is somehow going to be a good thing?? Everyone who thinks that this is a desirable goal needs to study what’s happened to Zimbabwe since 1980 and South Africa since ~1993. I’m quite serious, the only group that creates industrialized nations based on the rule of law from absolute scratch–created out of a wilderness–becoming less than 50% of the population…*how* is that a good thing??

I’m not being facetious, someone please explain it to me. “Together with ethno-masochistic beta whites we’ll gain control of congress and state legislatures and we’ll be able to confiscate all the wealth that you stole from us.” Oh, that’s a *great* plan. That’s never been tried before! Well, okay, a *few* times in Russia, China, Cuba, Zimbabwe and very soon South Africa (and lessons to be learned from Illinois and Detroit). Right, white people stole everything. No, we didn’t. Three hundred-odd years ago *every* nation & individual was poor, even the kings. Then proto-capitalism was invented in the Netherlands & England and a little later the industrial revolution began in England. The West becoming rich didn’t cause the rest of the world to become poor, they were already poor.

Societies that are homogenous tend to be harmonious. Example include Japan, Korea, Poland and until very, very recently the Scandinavian countries. Societies that are heterogeneous, i.e. diverse, tend to be chaotic. Examples include the Balkans at different times in history, Rwanda in 1994, Darfur in the 2000s, much of the Middle East today and increasingly parts of Europe and, yes, America. A society can have some (well behaved) minority groups but there needs to be one homogenous group that’s at least 90% of the population to keep things stable. This isn’t going to end well. “Mark my words.”

Affirmative Action Essay

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The purpose of affirmative action is to ensure equal opportunity for minorities. But it has strayed from its original intent and has become largely a program to achieve not equal opportunity but equal results. It is a system of quotas forced upon American businesses and working class by the federal government. A law which forces people to look at race before looking at the individual cannot promote equal opportunity. Affirmative action continues the judgement of minorities by race; it causes reverse discrimination, and contradicts its purpose.
     Affirmative action is not creating a colorblind society. In fact it continues the judgement of minorities according to race. Affirmative action forces employers and…show more content…

When a minority is turned down because of the color of their skin, it is unconstitutional. But when a white person is turned down because they are white, it is called equal opportunity. There is no excuse for anyone to be judged by something as trivial as race. There should not be a double standard.
     The third major reason why affirmative action should not exist is that it completely contradicts its purpose. Its purpose is to create a colorblind society. But in reality, it forces people to look at race by mandating quotas. The thinking behind affirmative action is to eliminate racism, we must first take race into account. Yet this causes a judgmental atmosphere in which many people feel cheated because the focus has been taken off the individual and placed everyone into groups based on race and gender.
It is illegal for the government to require quotas as well. Therefore affirmative action is unconstitutional and should be illegal.
     Affirmative action is also taking the focus off the individual. That is why Florida governor, Jeb Bush, has banned race and gender preference with his “One Florida” plan which will end affirmative action. The plan also guarantees that every student within the top 20% is guaranteed admission into college.
     Seldom has a democratic government’s policy so completely contradicted the core values of its citizenry

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