How Science Changed Our World Essay

Technology can very well be termed as an enhanced route to a target that is yet to be improved. Innovation and technology go hand in hand. Technology is all about the changing of ideas into something tangible. Innovation is not only for those organizations and individuals who are creative, but also requires the presence of scientific and technological talent. Technology has without doubt transformed our lives into something much better.

If we were to actually compare the way we live today and how life was a few years back, we will definitely notice how much technology has transformed our lives. It has given us a lot of freedom and also a lot of ways to save on resources and time. It is not possible to give one particular type of technology credit for all this change. How much the economy of a nation has grown can be measured by measuring the level of technology that they have achieved. This is all due to the fact that there are various factors that affect how an individual lives. The most vital factor dictating how a certain technology works is the presence of competition. A type of technology will only be beneficial until its advancement is produced.

How technology has impacted our lives:

Arguably, the one piece of technology that has been most effective in our lives today is cell phones which are today considered a show of civilization. Owing to the many changes taking place in the technological world, the dependency on technology is growing with each passing day. There are advancements that take place at a very fast rate to the point that at one point they turn out to be self-defeating. The ability to transform carbon dioxide to fuel energy is a great breakthrough and the moment it is well set up, it will forever change the way we depend on limited and non-renewable sources.

The use of the internet is growing at a very fast rate with each passing day. The internet literally links more than 700 million people from all corners of the world. This technology is without doubt state of the art and has served to greatly better the way we communicate and also the educational standards. Owing to this great innovation in technology, it is possible for a person to get information on any topic from anywhere at any time. It has made education easily available to each and every person. It has also made improvisations on so many ways we use to satisfy our needs and meet all expectations. It has provided us with much easier and faster ways to solve urgent problems.

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The great technological revolution has brought about online databases, personalized web pages, discussion rooms and chat rooms. The Information technology sector has fully transformed human communication with the likes of instant messaging, video conferencing and emails. Technology has helped people to construct bridges to reduce the distance in their head. One drawback that has come with all this is the changing of people into lethargic beings owing to the high technological trends. It has greatly reduced people’s ability to pay attention. Computerization, automation and robotics are on the move to transform our lives. Getting the robotics implemented will help us to get cheaper labor and higher efficiency which will result in more productivity.

Technology caught the world by storm and the advancements that are still being made with each passing day are without doubt hitting the world with a bang. Technology has definitely changed the way we live our lives in a big way making everything much easier and faster. It has turned the world into a global village and it is no longer necessary for one to physically be in a place to be able to communicate with someone or perform some other activity. So, we can say that technology has greatly impacted our lives.


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How Science has Changed our lives

In every field of life the effect of the inventions of science can be seen. Let us see what science has done in the field of travelling. It is a well known fact that the days of the camel and bullock cart have gone. With the help of the inventions of the science, travelling has become much faster. Railway trains, motors vehicles, ships and aero planes are much faster means of travelling than the carts driven by oxen or the coaches or tongas driven by horses. In olden times, people of one province of a country died from condition of famine, because on account of the slow means of travelling the food grains that were sent to that province from another surplus area could not reach in time. Now food grains. Fruit, cloth, machinery, tea, sugar and a hundred other things are sent from one part of the world to another without much difficulty and within the least possible time. So science has much improved the means of transport and conveyance.

In pre-science times, books could be purchased only by the rich people, as on account of their being written by hand, they were very costly. Now with the invention of the printing press, books have become very cheap. The school master is abroad. Education has come within the reach of even the poorest man. As education spreads, we become more civilized.

Electricity, is perhaps the greatest gift of science. It is very useful on the practical side of life. It has greatly increased Industrial and agricultural output. A large number of things required for man’s use are made by mills and factories worked by electricity. A single machine is capable of doing more work than a thousand men. An electric crane can easily lift a load of a thousand kilograms. Electricity works tube wells which give water for irrigation. Electricity gives us light, works our fans. Moves the lifts, drives the railway trains, and in short, does miracles like a magician.

Science has brought about a great change in the medical field. On the one hand science has discovered the causes and nature of the diseased and on the other it has given us their cures and remedies. With the help of X-ray a disease even in the innermost part of the body can e known. The science of surgery has also made much headway. Defect of the various parts of body can now be removed with the help of operations.

Science has also changed the method of warfare. The days of swords, spears, shields and armor are gone. Now wars are fought with the help of aero planes, submarines and rockets. With the help of the Atom and Hydrogen bombs, destruction can be rained on life and property on a large scale.

With the help of instruments invented by science, messages can be sent from one place to another at a very fast speed. We can contact our friends at any time in any part of the city or other cities over the telephone or telegraphically. The wireless system of telegraphy of the radio, we are getting news of the world every minute. Not only chat, the radio is a great entertainer also. We have programmers of music, drama, talks and speeches on the air. The radio has made our life more interesting. The cinematography and the television, the two great miracles of science have added much to human happiness and comfort.

From what is being done in America and especially in Russia, it seems that the day is not far off when journey to the moon will become not only possible but common. American astronauts have already reached the moon twice. Let us hope with the fast progress science is making the world will have a new face.



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