Aplia Critical Thinking The Art Of Argument

"It is a wonderfully written text that combines advantages of two standard approaches--it is both accessible and rigorous."- Nenad Popovic, Southern Methodist University

"A solid treatment of the relevant topics, well designed to develop the reader's reasoning skills. Students will find it both engaging and challenging."- Steve Hiltz, Southern Methodist University

"The book is a rigorous and comprehensive introduction to critical thinking and elementary logic, with helpful chapters on statistical, analogical, causal and moral argument. Its breadth is impressive. It's the most comprehensive critical thinking text I know of."- Hugh Wilder, The College of Charleston

"This is a text that is both student friendly and teacher friendly; for teachers it provides reference materials with appropriate depth and breadth, and for students it provides an unpretentious approach to a subject that is often perceived as complex and addresses student concern that critical thinking is a 'pointless' subject."- Michelle Darnell, Fayetteville State University

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George W. Rainbolt, Georgia State University

Dr. George W. Rainbolt is Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Georgia State University. He is the co-author of ETHICS (Harper-Collins 1994) and the author of THE CONCEPT OF RIGHTS (Springer 2006) as well as numerous articles. He chairs the Georgia State University Senate Committee on Admissions and Standards, has served on Georgia State University's General Education Assessment Committee, was a member of the Georgia State's SACS Accreditation Leadership Team, and is a member of Georgia State's Critical Thinking through Writing Leadership Team.

Sandra L. Dwyer, Georgia State University

Dr. Sandra L. Dwyer is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at Georgia State University. As Coordinator for Graduate Teaching, she mentors twenty to thirty graduate students each year, overseeing their initial experience of teaching philosophy, including Critical Thinking sections. Over the past twenty years, she has taught numerous courses including more than 100 sections of critical thinking. She is the author of THINKING ETHICALLY IN BUSINESS (Humanities-Ebooks, 2008).

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